Qualifier 1: Review

The construction of this lesson is in progress, but you should be able to use the links that are in place to guide your study.

(At any time you can rotate the image or add or subtract structures. Clicking the link will always bring you back to a starting point. Remember to use rollovers to see the labels for the various structures. Also, by moving the axial plane to any point in the image on the right, you can see the cross-section on the lower left. Any coloration in the right image will be shown in the cross-sections.)

Link 1 thoracic aorta -- 15 Right Ant Oblique, 320 Left anterior oblique


Link 2 add right costal cartilage


Link 3 add trachea


Link 4 add pulmonary trunk 240 95


Link 5 xiphisternal junction


Link 6 add diaphragm add heart valves


Link 7 add stomach esophagus


Link 8 remove diaphragm add abdomenal aorta/unpaired branches: Rotate to 320


Link 9transpyloric plane


Link 10transpyloric plane w/o stomach; natural abdominal aorta


Link 11 TPP w/natural IVC and portal vein


Link 12subcostal plane


Link 13iliac crest


Link 14 male pubic symphysis


Link 15 male heads of femur


Link 16 female pubic symphysis


Link 17 female heads of femur


Link 18 arm


Link 19 elbow


Link 20 wrist