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Human Anatomy and Development
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Lab 1
Anatomy of the Physical Exam

Lab 2
Exploring the body wall via surgical incisions

Lab 3
Mastectomy/Removal of the Chest Plate

Lab 4
Pneumonectomy/Sympathetic Chain

Lab 5
Heart Transplant/Coronary Circulation

Lab 6
Thoracic Aneurysm

Lab 7
Abdominal Trauma/Colon Cancer

Lab 8
Foregut: Cholangiocarcinoma

Lab 9
Renal Cancer/Diverticulitis

Lab 10
Inguinal Hernia/External Genitalia

Lab 11
Pelvic Viscera

Lab 12
Hip Procedures

Lab 13
Knee/Ankle Procedures

Lab 14
Shoulder/Arm Procedures

Lab 15
Spinal Tumor; Vertebral Fracture

Lab 16

Lab 17
Neck: Goiter; Laryngeal CA

Lab 18
Parotidectomy; Removal of Brain

Lab 19
Cavernous Sinus Meningioma/Eye Dissection

Lab 20
Pituitary Tumor; Acoustic Neuroma

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